Peter Bernthaler, PhD

Director Business Development


Peter has been with DynamiQ Health since May 2009. As a microbiologist with a PhD, he has fundamental knowledge of clinical research. This was particularly helpful in the beginning of his career at proinnovera, as Peter took his first steps as a clinical monitor followed by the position of a project manager with strong focus on national and international clinical Phase II-IV as well non-interventional studies in various dermatological indications. In his current position as Director of Business Development, he has now been responsible for the area of corporate development for several years. When it comes to acquiring new customers on the one hand and improving relationships with existing customers on the other hand, Peter also keeps an eye on sales.

What makes working at DynamiQ Health special for you?

“I can now look back on many years at DQ Health and can still say that it never gets boring and always remains exciting. However, the “Family & Friends” atmosphere in which we work together here is much more important. Every opinion counts and every voice is heard – regardless of whether you are new to the team or have been with us for a long time. You can always make a difference and set a footprint if you want to.”

What makes Clinical Research so interesting for you?

My drive in the industry comes primarily from the fact that there is a certain “medical need” behind our work. It’s about helping people and working to continuously improve our healthcare system. This makes the industry very multifaceted; there are many different therapeutic areas and indications for which we must find individual solutions. We are currently also in an exciting phase for clinical research, as we can inspire our sponsors with our digital solutions and also continue to be a people-to-people business. I especially benefit from that since I really value the contact with our customers and partners.

What was your most valuable experience at DynamiQ Health?

I have to say that for me, there is no such thing as the best moment. For me, the most valuable thing is working on our goals as a team every day and seeing that this work also pays off. I always compare it to a big stone that you roll up a mountain together and then push it over the top of the mountain until it begins to roll on its own. That’s when you see that everything you’ve worked for over the last few days, weeks and months has paid off.

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