Boost your Project Management with our Data Insights

Keep oversight of vendors, sites and patients as well as your budget, milestones and financials with our data-driven approach.

Project oversight to manage your clinical trial.

Project Management

Always on top of your study with dashboards and KPIs. That allows you to have both top-level control as well as detailed project mangement on an hands-on level.

Budget Overivew Have access to your budget
Milestones Milestone overview including payment implications
Recruitment Know how your patient recruitment is processing and how the sites are performing
Site status Crucial for success, how are the sites doing
Monitoring Update Most relevant information about all monitoring visits

Our Core Strengths – Greater Transparency

Process Excellence

Understand the requirements on an organizational and process level.

Data Analytics

Identify the implication and requirements towards data collection, analysis and visualization.


Find the right technology that fits your solution and make it usable.

Brought to you with our Approach

Concept Development

We break down your challenges into a valid approach and develop a measurable solution.


We conduct workshops with your team to identify critical aspects, processes and relevant KPIs.

Implementation and Execution

We support you hands-on with the implementation of dashboards and the necessary technology toolkit.

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