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At DynamiQ Health we all share one passion: Helping Sponsors and CROs to accelerate their clinical trial execution by adding process methodology and innovative technology to custom study setups. We consolidate industry experience with validated market innovations and integrated technologies. So that experienced study teams can focus on the essentials: Successfully completing their clinical trials!

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Process Excellence

Benefit from our expertise in value stream optimization to increase your efficiency, transparency and predictability. Mapping key workflows with our digital process assessments helps organizations to improve project management activities, interfaces and communication.


How about spending more time on facts than on findings? We maintain a high visibility of our activities with a data-driven approach. Integrated data across systems in real time transformed into information for your oversight – identify challenges before they occur.


Save time and money due to innovative solutions. With our adaptive mindset and collective problem-solving culture, we support you to find solutions quickly and make technology usable. Finding out-of-the-box approaches while using the newest technologies which prepare you to be ready for all that is ahead.

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