Faster Feasibility and
Patient Recruitment

We utilize our ecosystem together with modern marketing methodology and data-driven analytics to deliver optimal results.

Faster Feasibility and Patient Recruitment.

Our approach to overcome challenges of patient recruitment

Analyze Study Protocol

The study protocol includes all disease information about the patients which can be included in the study. This document is our basis for finding the right patients.

Define Motivation

Taking the information from the protocol, we define and analyze the motivation of patients to participate in your specific study.

Create Personas

From the basis of the motivation, we group patients and create patient personas, including the extension of personal characteristics alongside disease attributes.

Choose Activites

We then find the best ways to spread awareness of your study to the right target group, increasing the efficiency of finding the right patients for you.

Answering patient needs, building Personas and making them feel comfortable

Creating Personas to build the perfect campaign

Patient Patricia

Suffering from Psoriasis
21 years old
Living in Berlin


Patricia just moved to Berlin for her teacher training in German and Biology. She is living in a shared flat, uses public transport, loves social networking with other students and has lots of free time. For 5 years, she has been suffering from psoriasis and knows how to deal with her disease. Besides that, she is looking for a job as she doesn’t have much money.


Personality: active, feminist, open for scientific approaches
Disease Goals: does not want the disease to get worse, deals with the disease by herself
Challenge: hides her disease from the public as she’s ashamed

Where to find her?

Offline: public transport, advertisement at university
Online: Google/Bing, websites, Instagram, TikTok, Jodel, Snapchat, medical platforms

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Enabling Technology for efficient Patient Recruitment

Digital Health Applications

We are always looking for the best digital health applications for the patients of your trial. We´ve implemented various solutions to make recruitment and screening more efficient.

Modern Marketing Technology

Our process foresees to leverage scientific methods with the latest marketing tools. We scan the market for you and build our campaigns on the best availble marketing technology.

Patient centric Platforms

Building a patient centric platforms enables us to stay connected to a broad patient group. Through technology we receive quick feedback on the indivdual needs of patients.

Discover the digital Patient and Site Reimbursement Tool finklyn

With finklyn we automate your site, vendor and patient payments to streamline your financial administration. With finklyn you can pay your sites more frequently while saving time on managing unpopular administrative tasks.

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Your Benefit

Faster Enrollment

We enroll patients 1.9x faster than comparable studies.

Faster Trials

DynamiQ Health enables a 50% faster drug to market time.

95% of patients

DynamiQ Health unlocks the potential of patients previously unreached.

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